During the interview process, how do you know whether a prospective employer or company is really the right fit? Many professionals know first-hand that although everything might seem great during the interview process, once you accept the offer you might later find out that the company culture isn’t quite so ethical behind the scenes.

In the business world, ethics do not only involve the impact of the company. We all want to work for companies that we feel ultimately provide an ethical product or service and act ethically in the process. This is important. However, it’s also vital to feel…

Realistic tips for improving your physical, mental, and emotional wellness in the new year

A new year is a reminder that there is always an opportunity to start fresh and think differently about how to live your life. The holidays (when not filled with family chaos) give us time to reflect and think about how we can improve going into the new year.

This year, like many people, my work has shifted to work-from-home and I have been spending much more time at home. Therefore, prioritizing my wellness has required a shift in approach with this increasingly integrated lifestyle. It…

Do you want to become more creative? Creativity is an important skill to have at work for problem solving and adding new value. Creativity comes in handy outside of work; whether you want to begin a new side project, start your own venture, or simply have more fun. Creative contributions are both functional and inspiring.

With a job and a busy life, it’s difficult to even think about how to become more creative. As someone who transitioned from a corporate job to a more creative lifestyle, I know that it is challenging but very fulfilling to exercise your creative muscles…

Reconnect with your interests to find a fulfilling job and forge a meaningful career.

Are you embarking on a new job search? Do you aspire to find a job that is fulfilling and engaging, but feel as though it’s almost impossible? With so many options and so much competition, it’s challenging to find a job that feels satisfying in terms of a paycheck and intrinsic motivation. There are many aspects of a job that make it sustainable, enjoyable, and meaningful. It’s hard to know what kind of job is right for you before actually experiencing the day-to-day work.

What if…

A 6-Step Process for Finding the Right Job and Awakening Your Creativity

Just a few years after joining the working world, I felt as though something was missing or misaligned. I found myself asking a lot of questions, like:

What is really the right job for me? What is the purpose of my job and my career? How can I tap into my creativity despite the demands of my day-to-day work?

Although I had the opportunity to work for some amazing organizations during my early career, I felt lost and even void of meaning at times. Why? In some jobs…

Master these four leadership actions to build a thriving team.

As a leader of a team, I found that there is really no formal training that will teach you how to become a great leader. Every leadership experience is different and every team is unique. However, after serving as a leader and coaching many leaders and teams around the world, I have found that four actions set great leaders apart from the rest.

In terms of leadership and teamwork, success is not only about accomplishing goals. It’s also about cultivating a team that feels engaged and motivated. Successful leadership and…

How to coexist as a team with different perspectives on the virus.

Do you currently lead a team or work on a team? You’re lucky. Many people are currently job-less and looking for work. On the other hand, you have the difficult task of working with a team during a very challenging point in time. Though COVID seems to have peaked and declined, the US is still experiencing new waves of virus cases.

This global pandemic has different physical and psychological effects on each person. Everyone has a different perspective on the virus given their background, experience, and health. Teams of people, no matter their differing perspectives on the virus, must learn…

How to zoom out and treat work as a Center of Applied Learning to resolve difficult situations

Who has not experienced ups and downs at work? Whether you are a leader of a team, a team member, or a solo entrepreneur, work comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Each day presents new challenges. As most of us have heard before, it’s all about how you respond to the waves of change and the challenges. So, how should you respond to ups and downs, or challenging situations in dynamic work environments?

“Ups and downs” literally refers to emotional…

Managing change and transitions is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of leading a team.

Are you managing change effectively? Announcing and managing change while keeping your team motivated is more complex than most new leaders expect. Whether managing organizational or structural changes, responsibility changes, or priority changes on the team, it’s an ongoing effort to manage change and manage a team of personalities and perspectives.

Though change can often be a good thing like announcing a promotion, change at work is more often perceived as a bad thing if it upsets the norm or what is expected to happen…

Protect your energy. Work toward these short and long-term behavioral improvements.

Over the past year, I have asked many team members and leaders across the world: What is your primary obstacle in the way of successful collaboration and progress at work? By far, the #1 answer has been EGO, or working with someone who has a strong ego. In this article, I’m addressing ego at work and providing solutions that you can apply to your circumstances at work to find more peace and progress.

Who hasn’t encountered someone with a strong ego?

Especially at work, strong-ego people can make collaboration…

Hilary Jane Grosskopf

Systems engineer, leadership strategist, writer, and yogi. Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions. Author of the Awake Leadership and Awake Ethics guidebooks.

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