Clean your space, clean your mind, and find your focus with 20-minute exercises

There’s something about autumn that makes me want to clean and minimize in order to re-focus. If you feel as though your mind is scrambled and you need more space to focus, Soji is an ancient practice that eliminates distractions and cures burnout.

Soji is traditionally a Zen Practice. It goes something like this: Everyone in the temple participates in cleaning the space for 20 minutes. Each person receives a different assignment and, when the bell rings, everyone cleans according to their assignment. …

How I used an ancient ethical system to decide about getting vaccinated

In 2020, everyone faced situations and decisions that most had not encountered in their lifetime before the covid-19 pandemic. I remember hearing so many people say, “Until there’s a vaccine…” as though the vaccine would put an end to the solitude and upside-down effects of the pandemic.

However, the decision of whether to get a covid-19 vaccine has actually proven to be a point of contention. …

An important distinction that can make or break your quest for success

Has there been a time in your life when you felt like giving up on something? Did you also feel an internal resistance to giving up on it?

I recently felt the urge to give up on my business. My business has been in “hibernation” during covid due to the cancellation of so many of my in-person events last year. …

Why we don’t achieve big goals and how to break through the freeze

Have you ever had a big goal or a big idea, but felt as though you didn’t know where to start in order to actually achieve that goal? I’m talking about goals like launching a product, planning an event, writing a book, getting an academic degree, or getting a new job.

What makes big goals hard to accomplish is the nature of big goals. The nature of these big goals is that they are BIG, meaning that they are large-scale goals that can’t be accomplished in one…

A broader look at what inclusivity means when facilitating teamwork and building community

In current media and leadership language, inclusivity has become known to mean that leaders should make sure people with marginalized identities feel valued, leveraged, and welcomed. Although creating an inclusive environment for people of different races and genders is extremely important, there are broader acts of inclusivity at work that are not talked about enough in leadership trainings (or at all in many companies).

What are these inclusive practices that any and every leader should think about? My goal in this brief article is to bring light…

During the interview process, how do you know whether a prospective employer or company is really the right fit? Many professionals know first-hand that although everything might seem great during the interview process, once you accept the offer you might later find out that the company culture isn’t quite so ethical behind the scenes.

In the business world, ethics do not only involve the impact of the company. We all want to work for companies that we feel ultimately provide an ethical product or service and act ethically in the process. This is important. However, it’s also vital to feel…

Realistic tips for improving your physical, mental, and emotional wellness in the new year

A new year is a reminder that there is always an opportunity to start fresh and think differently about how to live your life. The holidays (when not filled with family chaos) give us time to reflect and think about how we can improve going into the new year.

This year, like many people, my work has shifted to work-from-home and I have been spending much more time at home. Therefore, prioritizing my wellness has required a shift in approach with this increasingly integrated lifestyle. It…

Do you want to become more creative? Creativity is an important skill to have at work for problem solving and adding new value. Creativity comes in handy outside of work; whether you want to begin a new side project, start your own venture, or simply have more fun. Creative contributions are both functional and inspiring.

With a job and a busy life, it’s difficult to even think about how to become more creative. As someone who transitioned from a corporate job to a more creative lifestyle, I know that it is challenging but very fulfilling to exercise your creative muscles…

Reconnect with your interests to find a fulfilling job and forge a meaningful career.

Are you embarking on a new job search? Do you aspire to find a job that is fulfilling and engaging, but feel as though it’s almost impossible? With so many options and so much competition, it’s challenging to find a job that feels satisfying in terms of a paycheck and intrinsic motivation. There are many aspects of a job that make it sustainable, enjoyable, and meaningful. It’s hard to know what kind of job is right for you before actually experiencing the day-to-day work.

What if…

A 6-Step Process for Finding the Right Job and Awakening Your Creativity

Just a few years after joining the working world, I felt as though something was missing or misaligned. I found myself asking a lot of questions, like:

What is really the right job for me? What is the purpose of my job and my career? How can I tap into my creativity despite the demands of my day-to-day work?

Although I had the opportunity to work for some amazing organizations during my early career, I felt lost and even void of meaning at times. Why? In some jobs…

Hilary Jane Grosskopf

Systems engineer, leadership strategist, writer, and yogi. Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions. Author of the Awake Leadership and Awake Ethics guidebooks.

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